April over already?
It's long article title week!  
Francois Tigeot has brought in the 'apple_gmux' driver.  If you have a Macbook with both Intel and NVIDIA video hardware installed, this driver lets you switch to the Intel hardware, and I assume take advantage of DragonFly's accelerated i915 driver.
This week's BSDNow covers a number of FreeBSD developments, Illumos network work, and an interesting in-depth discussion of the reasoning behind the transition from PC-BSD to TrueOS.
If you are using bhyve, and you want DragonFly on there as a 'guest' (not sure if that's the right term), there's a template available.  (via)
For those of you who build custom kernels, the if_sl, if_ppp, and if_faith devices are now built as modules, not in the kernel.  This means you can remove references to them in your custom kernel config - if you have one.
Eclectic!  I cover everything this week: computer history, modern pessimistic computing, odd hardware, strange software stories, comics, and tea. Your sorta-a-comics-link of the week: Liartown USA, the book.
Several "how to do this" items this week, which I like.
This week's BSDNow talks about a lot of OpenBSD news, gets into UNIX history, and interviews Kris Moore about FreeNAS/TrueNAS/TrueOS/etc.
In my ongoing quest to actually catch up to all the DragonFly commits recently, here's a recent update to machdep.cpu_idle_hlt.  Set this to affect power usage.  I'm linking to this list of the different settings because, like RAID levels, nobody can or should remember every one.
If you are nearby, KnoxBUG is having a presentation from Caleb Cooper tomorrow night, titled "Advanced BASH Scripting".
I like it just for the title: Josh Grosse is presenting about IPv6 at the SemiBUG meeting scheduled for tomorrow.  Go, if you are near.
A little heavy on the history this week.  And no tea! Your unrelated food link of the week: Eating In Translation.  This person seeks out new places, eats there, and makes notes, and has been doing it for more than a decade.  The result is the most in-depth informal food guide I've ever seen.  It's NYC focused, but not exclusively.
All done at the last minute!  
Continuing my catchup on recent commits, there's now a 'version 7' internal to HAMMER 1.  It changes the CRC code to a faster version, but since this instruction isn't used  (yet), there's no real world impact.  Remember this for next time you want to run 'hammer version-upgrade'.
If you're mounting a HAMMER2 filesystem, you can refer to it by label instead of by device. No, it's not ready for use yet and I don't have a date other than "when it's done", to preanswer the next questions.
A slightly UK-ish tilt this week, by accident of course.