I have a nice weird mix going on today. Your unrelated video of the week: Frank & Beans - Hugo [official video].  I've linked to other shardcore stuff before, and thought I had previously linked to this video's predecessor, but I can't find it. It's very good though also very Uncanny Valley.  (also via)
End of year reviews are showing up; probably more next week. Your unrelated video of the week: Throat Notes, from the same person who did Double King.
This week's links are all fun, but you had better have some time to read. Your unrelated music of the week: Shimmer, Then Disappear.
Some esoteric gems this week.
It's rare, but I was able to collect most of these links more than 24 hours before you are reading them.
Accidental open source ideas or maybe history this week.  That might be too easy a category to fit into.
Again, dumping out all the links I can in case you are stuck at home. Your unrelated music link of the week: Hannibal Rex - The One Hundred & Forty Faces Of?.?.?.  Has the same drive as early Mix Master Mike, to my ear.  (via)
I had so many tabs open they weren't all showing, so you get a straight dump.
Tab-clearing links! Your unrelated music link of the week: KUTMAH - New Appliance.  (via)
Partial overflow this week, which means probably even more next week.  We all benefit!
I literally just smooshed all my open tabs that weren't baking-related into this post. Your unrelated video of the week: Igorrr - Very Noise.  Reminds me of early  Garry's Mod videos.   (via)  
I very nearly scheduled this to January 01, 2019.  And then fixed it for the right year but not the day, so you may have seen an early draft of this.  Oops; it's here now. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Cankor.  (click on preview button)  I saw Cankor pages years ago; it's disturbing in a good way.
Accidental theme this week: roguelikes!  Maybe with me that's not so accidental.
I still feel bad about missing a week, even though that's a self-imposed requirement.  In penance, here's a linkdump.
Again, way behind cause of being online only irregularly over the last week.   There's still plenty to look at - August is made for Lazy Reading.
I have some neat history items mixed in this week. Your unrelated music of the week: Blarf: Cease and Desist.  (via)
This week's material filled up fast.  It's vacation season in the northern hemisphere, so let's see what next week brings...
I get indirectly cranky, this week.
Who can recommend a dynamic DNS service?  (I'd like to know from direct experience, not Googling.)  I've been using Dyn for years, but they've been unintelligibly merged into the Oracle behemoth, and I need to change.