It's Long Article Title week!  
Accidentally OpenBSD-heavy this week.
No theme this week for the BSD section.
Check the first link; it's time-dependent.
I got subscribed to the UNIX Heritage Society mailing list and it's already turned up some good stories.
Yay, another week that overflowed with links!
This is an overflow week.
Done while on the road.
The last link has some interesting applications to try.
Some useful tips hidden in there this week.  
No mini-theme this week.
Started with overflow from last week.
Lots to read this week.
There's multiple online and offline BUG meetings this month; go if you can.
Almost cleaned out the RSS feeds I had waiting.    
More links this week to make up for last week's short haul.    
I had a lot of links built up for this; finished early.