This special episode of BSD Now has an interview with Warren Toomey.  I just happened to sign up for the TUHS mailing list and let me tell you, there's some history being reported there by the people that lived it.
The first link and the title for this week's BSD Now doesn't have anything to do with BSD as far as I know, but I think it's funny.
BSD Now this week is titled 'EuroBSDCon', but as far as I know they weren't there - haven't listened to the episode yet.  Any readers here go?
This week's BSD Now is the normal roundup of stories.  I won't point you at anything specific; it's all good.
This week's BSD Now has two things I want to highlight - articles on Linux ABI and on dma.  You'll just have to click through.
This week's BSD Now includes a link to, a way to install BSD using a rescue boot environment, which is going to come in handy for someone reading this.  I know I've linked to it before.
I'm a bit late because of travel, but you still should see the latest BSD Now; the CHERI system is interesting and underappreciated.
This week's BSD Now has a bunch of how-to-do-this links, as you might guess from the headline.
This week's BSD Now takes its title from one of the links talking about how cat(1) works, which reminds me of this article about how the very original implementation of grep was crazy fast.
The lead link in this week's BSD Now is the sort of thing I like to link to: debugging Lisp in space.  There's more than that.
This week's BSD Now has several links, though I'd want to point at the Yubikey/ssh/OpenBSD login one as the most interesting to me.
This week's BSD Now talks about a lot of stuff as always, but also notes a time-dependent item: a bhyve presentation coming up on July 12th.
This week's BSD Now has the usual news, plus a link I think everyone can use on interpreting traceroute / mtr output.