Note the new-to-me book news in there.  
No mini-theme.
More BUG meetings are happening, which is great.
Some looks backward to prior links, but in a good way.
I haven't had many posts this past week because of a mix of work then holidays. but there's always Lazy Reading.
I have nothing to post about, for the first time in a while, so here is a treat I have been saving: Request for biographies.  (follow the whole thread) It's a long thread from the SIGCIS mailing list for biographies of various people important to computing/mathematics, and there are some real gems in there.  Your local bookstore or library should have many of these.
Completed Tuesday, in an effort to reduce tab count in my browser.
I went esoteric this week, and it was fun!
No theme, but plenty of variety.  
It's rare, but I was able to collect most of these links more than 24 hours before you are reading them.
Emacs and Vim content; I feel like I should always have one with the other.
I could not come up with a good roguelike link this week, but I am hitting many of my other usual targets.
BUG meetings are canceled, but this can't be surprising at this point.
No theme this week cause I think I hit everything.  
I managed to miss the Thursday update to BSDNow (#329) - Michael W. Lucas is interviewed mostly about his unnatural love of gelato BSD books , and he's always an entertaining talker.  
Read that last link, if only to make your convention-going safer in the future.