In Other BSDs for 2017/04/22

Several “how to do this” items this week, which I like.

4 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2017/04/22”

  1. Did anyone answer Trever’s question from the other day?


    Speaking of Netflix and FreeBSD, how does FreeBSD async sendfile compare to Dragonfly?

    Netflix collaborated with Nginx team to rework FreeBSD sendfile to make it way more performant.

  2. Our TCP sending (both sendfile and send) is asynchronous by default. However, the VM page operation for the sendfile is running directly in the user context.

  3. Sepherosa

    Does is how dragonfly does it better or worse than FreeBSD?

    Also, given your expertise – why do you think Netflix uses FreeBSD instead of dragonfly?

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