This week's BSDNow covers a number of FreeBSD developments, Illumos network work, and an interesting in-depth discussion of the reasoning behind the transition from PC-BSD to TrueOS.
Started out with a short list, but I managed to find some extra links by Friday.
A week of travel didn't get in the way of links!  RSS feeds are still fantastic tools for those who know how to use them.
I was on the road all this week, so this doesn't range as far as usual.  I'll be charging through my RSS feed backlog over the next few days.
I'm hitting every type of BSD this week.  
Summer convention season is coming; start scheduling!
Another trifecta week.    
This is one of those weeks where a bunch of release all tumble together by chance.
By the time you read this, I will have already been at my second job for 5 hours.
This time, this was all last-minute.  
Has anyone been watching the AsiaBSDCon video?  I have not been awake/unbusy at the right times.  
Several book links this week. Thing I should link more regularly: Garbage, a podcast that isn't specifically about BSD but happens to cover it a lot.  I linked to it when it was starting, but didn't catch new episodes (fixed by finding the RSS feed).  There's been a bunch since then, so you have plenty of listening material now.
BSDTalk 261 is up, and it's a half-hour conversation with Kris Moore about jails, system management, and other I assume PC-BSD features.
Another week with plenty of links.
BSDNow 126 has an interview with Ken Moore and Kris Moore of PC-BSD, along with the usual news roundup.  There's a DragonFly mention in the "open source work helps your career" news item that I did not know about but am happy to see.
I'm always happy when I can compile news for at least 4+ different BSDs at once.
Yet another week that I started 2 weeks ago; this end-of-calendar-year is full of BSD goings-on.
Will I need to add a NextBSD tag?  Time will tell.
Put together at the last minute.