A happy thought for the new year: you may not have to rely on the Bernoulli Effect to retrieve data for the entire year!
If you have a bulk build of packages happening with dsynth(1), you can now add - literally, that's the command - to the package list without interrupting the build.
It's Long Article Title week!  
If you're moving your dsynth build to a different machine, there's now a 'list-system' directive that lets you recreate the same setup in a new place.
Predrag Punosevac has some notes on how he cleaned up some HAMMER drives and freed up half his disk space.
I mentioned a new committer for DragonFly, Sergey Zigachev, recently.  He hasn't shown in the commit logs for DragonFly directly - cause he's fixing up dports.  I'm mentioning that because the amount of work that goes into dports to keep all those ports working on DragonFly is separate and unseen - but necessary.
DragonFly developer Tuxillo has done something notable by its absence: cleaned up a lot of old bug reports.  That's usually an unseen and unthanked task, so here's credit for it.
Hopefully there's a new ISO/img on the mirrors for DragonFly 6.2.2 by the time you read this - or you can just update your installation.  The changelog is short, because this is a bugfix-level release.  Also, don't forget there's a new set of binary packages out; update that too if you haven't.
If you're interested in having virtio_console on DragonFly, keep an eye on this bug report.
There's a new dports build, and there's been some updates so a new point release to 6.2.2 for DragonFly is a good idea.  The new binary packages are available now with 'pkg upgrade', and I'll work on 6.2.2 over the next few days.
I'm on at SEMIBUG's meeting right now. I hope to have a recording to post later.  Nnnnope!  A lesson for you and me both; test recording before an actual event starts.