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  1. What percentage complete is hammer2 development?

    50%, 75%, 95%?

  2. Wormus

    That’s depressing.

    In one years time been v3 and v4 of the docs linked above, only 1 of 16 components was completed (deduper).

    And even that item isn’t completed fully.

    There’s still 9 components left to complete for hammer2.

    At this rate, it’ll be another 9 years before hammer2 is completed.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    I didn’t mean to usher in sadness : (

    In addition to the 2016 document there are some additional git logs detailing H2 updates. So I am guessing that the document is due for an update. But yeah if it takes another five years to even be able to give the major features a good test run (even if not ready), people might loose interest altogether.

  4. My person opinion is that if hammer2 doesn’t come out this calendar year – everyone will completely lose interest in dragonflybsd

  5. Nick, I think what you are saying is that you want it out this calendar year. I think Hammer is interesting no matter the timeframe; the questions it answers are not tied to 2017.

    This is an open source project, so work follows based on time and interest from the people doing it.

  6. To be fair, it is a very difficult project. ZFS had two fulltime developers and the massive resources of a major corporation and it took what 6(?) years before it was integrated into Solaris. So its a fair bit of work for something as complex as H2.

    I think people are also underestimating the importance of H2 for *BSD in general. ZFS is already starting to show its limits in an age of distributed cloud computing. H2 picks up and launches *BSD into a rapidly growing area of computing. Most of the shiny new filesystems are Linux-based (GPL) thus *BSD won’t be getting them anytime soon. Without H2 *BSD general will stagnate with inadequate filesystem options. ZFS isn’t even really a selling point for FreeBSD anymore since most of the commits now are coming from Linux developers for Linux integration.

    So, with that, we definitely do need to encourage in whatever way possible H2 development.

  7. Wormus, I wasn’t aware of the limitations of ZFS in regards to distributed computing, but I suppose it makes sense.

    That said, any updates on H2 is welcome and exciting in my book, as much as I’d love for it to be in a usable state by the end of this year, so long as it’s not abandoned (which doesn’t seem likely) I’ll keep installing DragonFly on my systems, and trying to get competent enough to contribute in whatever way I can.

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