Tab-clearing links! Your unrelated music link of the week: KUTMAH - New Appliance.  (via)
I still feel bad about missing a week, even though that's a self-imposed requirement.  In penance, here's a linkdump.

Sorta unofficial retro game theme this week.

Your unrelated audio link of the week: Centuries of Sound. The major sounds of a given year, starting in 1859. Yes, 1859. It's like time travel for your ears, with liner notes. (via)

One advantage of having a link 'backlog' is that I can pick and choose a bit, to present grouped items.

This is almost all link overflow from last week - and next week's edition is almost complete.  There's a lot to read lately!
You may be able to detect a subtle bias based on my early design education, this week.
Eclectic!  I cover everything this week: computer history, modern pessimistic computing, odd hardware, strange software stories, comics, and tea. Your sorta-a-comics-link of the week: Liartown USA, the book.
A little meta, this week. Your unrelated tea link of the week: In Sri Lanka's Tea Paradise, A Social Enterprise Is Brewing.  I actually heard about the quality of the tea (very good) before I heard about the way the company was formed.  Consider where your next tea purchase comes from, in light of this.
Thinkpieces, this week. Your tea link of the week: Scary photo of an Indian tea plantation  
I hope you have lots of time to read today.