In Other BSDs for 2022/10/08

No theme this week for the BSD section.

In Other BSDs for 2022/03/19

You will notice some clustering of links; my list filled up fast.

In Other BSDs for 2020/10/24

It’s apparently release week?

In Other BSDs for 2020/09/05

It’s a good mix this week.


In Other BSDs for 2020/08/15

Check the BSDCan videos this week; there’s more than a day’s worth of material right there.

In Other BSDs for 2020/08/08

Fun variety this week.

In Other BSDs for 2020/07/18

There’s a separate Summer of Code section this week.

Lazy Reading for 2020/06/14

Wide topic range, again.

In Other BSDs for 2019/08/31

I have a number of BSD user group notifications here – please tell me if you have a group and I’m not regularly posting about it.

In Other BSDs for 2019/08/24

Incidentally, my employer, REDCOM, uses FreeBSD as a base for its main product, is deployed in rough areas and in high-security government locations, and is one of the few electronics manufacturers still working entirely in the U.S..  REDCOM also has jobs to fill in New York, where I work.  Please, apply if you see a job that interests you – and tell me.

In Other BSDs for 2019/08/17

This is a somewhat pre-made post coming off a week on the road, so I packed it chock-full.

In Other BSDs for 2018/09/01

Lots of event notices in here… Watch for what’s near you.

In Other BSDs for 2018/06/23

Lots of announcements, lots of reading.  Note the first item listed is happening today.

In Other BSDs for 2018/03/31

Happy Almost Fool’s Easter Day!  I have to be at work in a few hours, at 3 AM, so this is all I was able to find in the time I have.

In Other BSDs for 2018/03/17

The first news item about pfSense is not necessarily new, but new to me.

In Other BSDs for 2017/09/09

Already overflowed to next week.


In Other BSDs for 2017/04/01

Odd batch of links this week.

Your BSD-related fiction book of the week (year?  decade?) :’git commit murder‘ is out, set at a (fictional) BSD convention.

In Other BSDs for 2016/04/23

I apologize for ending with a question.