This special episode of BSD Now has an interview with Warren Toomey.  I just happened to sign up for the TUHS mailing list and let me tell you, there's some history being reported there by the people that lived it.
This is pretty esoteric, but all of DragonFly's syscalls can be found in the links Aaron LI provided in this post.  There's code in there that dates back to Berkley UNIX.
There's no pun in the title; this week's BSD Now really links to a browser implementation of UNIX-ish resources.  Is it POSIX?  Not quite.  Is it UNIX?  No.  Is it Linux?  Probably using that as a reference, so it's a copy of a copy.  Still, interesting.  There's other articles too; don't be distracted by my digression.
The UNIX compliance link is worth reading all the way through; it is a chunk of history I did not know at all.
Relatively quiet this week for BSD items, but it's a holiday week in the US.
UNIX history for the mini-theme this week. Your unrelated animation of the week: Cyriak Animator Pro.  
More BUG meetings are happening, which is great.
There's some opinions mixed in this week!  
Accidental theme of UNIX-ish history this week. Your unrelated music of the week: The Most Noble Adventures of Erebor's Finest Son, In His Quest To Butcher Orcs And Save The World.   "Metal, minus those boring verses, choruses and solos, thus leaving only the most metal of song components; riffs and slams."  It's bebop in metal form, and if you understand that joke you are a music nerd and it's wonderful.  (via)
It's the week of Very Long and Excited Page Titles that Give Me Long Link Lines.
I always thought IRC was pretty decentralized, but I didn't realize talk(1) was designed to work machine-to-machine.  That means in theory that if you have a talk(1) binary on your machine, you could chat directly to anyone else with the same binary, even on a different platform.  Since 4.3BSD!  Anyway, I only realized this because of this recent bugfix thanks to Dan Cross.
This bulked up fast this week.
I am happy to be in the new year.
Virtual BUG meetings could be fun (see links); I'd like to attend even if it's not local.  If I can put aside time...  
Fun variety this week.
That last link is around the corner from me.
Lots of old BSD this week.