No theme this week for the BSD section.
BSD Now this week is titled 'EuroBSDCon', but as far as I know they weren't there - haven't listened to the episode yet.  Any readers here go?
SLUUG, the St. Louis Unix Users Group, has a short presentation tonight from James Conroy: "What You Should Get with GIT" and a longer presentation of "Locking Down Your Web Browser" with Scott Granneman.  It's online so anyone can go.  It's not BSD-specific, but it will all apply.  (Thanks to Johnathan Drews for the reminder.) .
BSDCan 2022 is now going to be online, which also means the CFP has been extended so any last-minute-I'll-go-now-that-its-virtual people can get their proposals in. (Posting now because waiting for the normal In Other BSDs post will only give you 48 hours of prep time for a proposal.)
A little short this week but the holidays are catching up to me.
Not just release announcements this week.
Live in-person meetings are happening, slowly, finally.
SEMIBUG's monthly meeting is online, and it's tomorrow the 19th, at 1900 hours (-0400, Eastern) via Jitsi.  It's going to be about "the advantages of Emacs", given by a group member.  Go, see, even if it's just to shake your fist at the screen and mumble "viiiiiiiiiiii".
Lots of analog this week.
A FreeBSD-heavy week.