A debug difference

If you pay attention to your daily security run emails on your DragonFly system, you may see entries like this:

+nlookup() at nlookup+0x623 0xffffffff806eff13
+kern_rmdir() at kern_rmdir+0x25 0xffffffff80706db5
+sys_rmdir() at sys_rmdir+0x4c 0xffffffff80706f0c
+syscall2() at syscall2+0x11e 0xffffffff80bd9f9e

I see it on the machine where I run this Digest, as the caching mechanism adds and deletes files rapidly.  Matthew Dillon has placed it behind a sysctl, so your messages log will be a little less noisy by default.

ipfw and Hammer fixes in DragonFly

There’s an odd bug in ipfw that is now fixed in DragonFly 6.2/6.3.  If you are using ipfw and adding networks and hosts in a specific order, the netmask will be set wrong.

There’s also a problem with the overnight bulkfree cleanup in Hammer that’s had various attempts to fix it over time – it’s now really truly fixed.  It mattered only if you had an extremely large number of inodes – 100000000 or so,

Matthew Dillon wrote up an explanation for both.