Lazy Reading for 2024/05/26

No theme this week, but some neat history items.

Lazy Reading for 2024/05/19

No mini-theme this week.


Lazy Reading for 2024/05/12

Mini-theme of art.

Lazy Reading for 2024/05/05

What’s the history of Cinco de Mayo?  (updated since last linked in 2016.)

Your unrelated music of the week: you bet from Drass, an artist previously linked here as Shardcore.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2024/04/28

No accidental theme this week.

Lazy Reading for 2024/04/21

Accidental ‘old web’ nostalgia theme this week.

Lazy Reading for 2024/04/14

If you sorta squint and tilt your head, it’s a games theme this week.

Your unrelated music for the week: New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol 1.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2024/04/07

I’ve got an eclipse happening right over me tomorrow – hope it’s not cloudy!

Lazy Reading for 2024/03/31

The mini-theme this week is all DragonFly.  There’s been some commits lately to well-known tools so I’m going to gather them here.

Lazy Reading for 2024/03/24

I have been saving up posts from some long threads on the TUHS and COFF mailing lists, so you’re getting some esoteric history today.