Lazy Reading for 2021/05/09

Nostalgia mini-theme this week, or maybe “classical”?

In Other BSDs for 2021/05/08

Lots to read, yet I still have unposted tabs!


Lazy Reading for 2021/05/02

Fun reads, none too heavy.


In Other BSDs for 2021/05/01

There’s some opinions mixed in this week!


Lazy Reading for 2021/04/25

Maybe hardware hacks is the sub-theme this week.

In Other BSDs for 2021/04/24

BUG meetings seem to be happening again, which is nice.

DragonFly and 6.x packages

Since DragonFly 6.x is a major number change, there’s no prebuilt packages that match that release number.  As of this writing, the mirror master site shows 5.10 packages, which would work… if that was the next release.  That’s where the number change trips it up.  There should be new 6.x packages in the next few days.  (Thanks to Jan Peter Vogt for the reminder)