In Other BSDs for 2021/10/16

Somewhat short this week, but there’s several releases.

DragonFly 6.0.1 released!

6.0.1 is tagged and available.  The major reason for this update is an expired Let’s Encrypt certificate that would cause problems when downloading dpkg binaries.   A list of 6.0.1 commits is available.

I recommend the usual rebuild process mentioned on the 6.0 release notes:

make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld
make upgrade

Don’t forget to update your packages with ‘pkg upgrade’.

Lazy Reading for 2021/10/10

UNIX history for the mini-theme this week.

Your unrelated animation of the week: Cyriak Animator Pro.


In Other BSDs for 2021/10/09

It is status report season!

Lazy Reading for 2021/10/03

This is a good week for variety.

In Other BSDs for 2021/10/02

Why yes I am trying to clear out my backlog of Solène links.

Lazy Reading for 2021/09/26

Classic games as a mini-theme.

In Other BSDs for 2021/09/25

I forgot to link to BSD Now 421: ZFS eats CPU on Thursday!