No interview this week in BSDNow 261, but links to a recent 1999 convention video, details about TrueOS/Project Trident, and the usual.
Overflow that I couldn't catch up to before last weekend's In Other BSD's posting time.  I try to always have these by 9 AM Eastern time Saturday.  (Same for Lazy Reading on Sunday)  I mentally imagine everyone sitting down with a drink and nothing else to do but click links, those mornings.  At least, I hope that's what it is.
Lots of different items, probably because of BSDCan.
BSDCan is running this weekend.  There is, depending on what time you are reading this, a livestream.
This came together very nicely.
Another across-the-BSDs week.
Done last minute on Friday, mostly.  
Last of the year! Don't forget any end-of-year donations you want to make, either.
This week's BSDNow covers a number of FreeBSD developments, Illumos network work, and an interesting in-depth discussion of the reasoning behind the transition from PC-BSD to TrueOS.
Several "how to do this" items this week, which I like.
Slightly short this week, maybe because people are prepping for AsiaBSDCon?   I have plenty of links for tomorrow's Lazy Reading.
If you are anywhere near KnoxBUG's meeting place (mid-Tennessee, US), Joe Maloney will be presenting on OpenRC and TrueOS, tomorrow night.  See the link for address and times.
Done all at the last minute.
There's always a rush of links after a holiday, as people sit at home and catch up on what they've wanted to do.
I have a pretty significant backlog of links for this week - to the point I had to open a separate browser window to sort out open tabs.
This week's BSDNow episode is almost all FreeBSD, all the time.  No interview subject this week.  I'm going by the written summary because the video is showing as private...  but maybe I'm catching it just before posting?