This week's BSDNow has no interview, but covers most every BSD to some extent, and talks about something I find super-interesting: a BSD phone.
Old-school UNIX and games this week.
More thinking topics than version changes this week, which is interesting.  
An article about a semctl(2) bug on DragonFly, "Make DragonFlyBSD great again!", has popped up a few times, in comments here, some online forums, and in IRC.  I'm linking to it so that I can also say: read all the way to the end and notice the date.  The bug was fixed more than 6 months ago.  This is not a current security problem, but a (enjoyable) description of how someone in Poland documented it. Nobody reads anything but headlines, geez.
Matthew Dillon picked up more NVMe M.2 hardware, tested it, and updated his report to match.  Definitely a good read if you will be buying this hardware any time soon, and it's not necessarily DragonFly-specific.
BSDNow 186 gets back into the convention grind after last week's news about new roles: coverage of the recent AsiaBSDCon, and an interview of Philipp Buehler.
The last time SSH was updated in DragonFly, a DragonFly-specific customization, "PasswordAuthentication No", was reverted to the default.  This meant password logins through SSH worked on DragonFly - which is normal for perhaps every other UNIX-ish operating system, but DragonFly has traditionally defaulted to requiring a key out-of-the-box. It has been fixed, and you can change the setting back.  This only affected DragonFly-master from August through March.  4.6 users are unaffected.
Michael W. Lucas will be presenting at SemiBUG tomorrow, talking about the OpenBSD web stack.
Technical details week for Lazy Reading. Your unrelated tea link of the week: Haha, one of the world's best tea houses is in my town.  It's Leaf Tea Bar, and Niraj is one of the nicest guys.  His prices are reasonable for the quality of the tea, too. Your related bug link of the week: Teeth of the DragonFly.  (via)  
Much better than last week, but there wasn't any hurricane-force winds this week - which helps.  
BSDNow 185 has existing host Kris Moore performing his last episode (because $dayjob) and Benedict Reuschling coming in to replace him.   Allan Jude is unchanged, of course.  As they correctly point out, 185 weeks of on-time video content is a tremendous achievement so far.  This week's episode is 55 minutes of talking with the old and the new staff.
Sepherosa Ziehau went to AsiaBSDCon 2017 and gave a talk on his work with DragonFly's networking.  He's published a report of his trip, which comes with a link to his paper, his presentation, and pictures of who he met. Note that the PDF and the Powerpoint slides links are different; one is the paper, one is the talk.  The Powerpoint slides contain the benchmarks linked here in comments, previously.
I always attributed speed issues to writing transaction history, but: Matthew Dillon discovered HAMMER was repeating itself when writing to disk.  Fixing that issue doubled write speed.  This fix is in 4.6 and the upcoming release.
I tagged the release candidate for DragonFly 4.8 - slightly delayed because of my involuntary time offline - and here's the resulting automatic changelist.  There's ISO/IMG files uploaded now to the main DragonFly archive, which means they should be available at a mirror near you soon.
I had overflow from last week, so I have a good list for you, despite being offline for days. Your unrelated tea link of the day: defining what it means when you read "mug of tea" vs "cup of tea".  You'd think it was interchangeable, but the meanings diverge.  (PDF, via)