This is an overflow week.
Mini-theme: releases.
Note the first three items are events with deadlines happening now.  
Watch that Kernighan video; he is what a historian would call a primary source.
Note the upcoming SEMIBUG meeting.  I'll post a reminder.
I forgot to link to BSD Now 421: ZFS eats CPU on Thursday!
Some useful setup instructions in here.
There's some opinions mixed in this week!  
Literally tabs from my browser in order, here.
I have a link backlog, yay!
Straight from tabs.  
The first link here is the one that everyone should take advantage of.  
Straight dump of my BSD RSS feed.
Perhaps a performance tweaks mini-theme this week?      
Started this with overflow from last week.
That last link is around the corner from me.
Dragged right out of my RSS feeds.
Accidental theme of video links, which I would not have expected for a BSD summary.
A bit short this week; I think everyone's been occupied with other issues.