End-of-year articles I am just catching up to now.
A little short this week but the holidays are catching up to me.
Still plenty of links I haven't even got to yet.
Lots to read, yet I still have unposted tabs!  
I linked to a story about Xenix, which might be a step too far.  
I have a link backlog, yay!
Straight from tabs.  
It's apparently release week?
No theme, but plenty of variety.  
Dragged right out of my RSS feeds.
Tab cleanout time!
Some commercial stuff this week, even.
A bumper crop this week!
Straight open tab dump, again! A late update: BSDCan 2019 registration, plus an update.
Built entirely from open tabs.
Losing power at home this week put a dent in my reading throughput, so to speak, but this will do.  
Another across-the-BSDs week.
Last of the year! Don't forget any end-of-year donations you want to make, either.