9 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2017/03/11”

  1. Justin.

    Glad to see your site up again

    Just a thought but your might want to look into using Cloudflare.com.

    It’s free and provides CDN caching for when your site is down

  2. + 1 cloudflare

    It’s free. Take 1 minute to setup. Huge performance boost. Increased security.

  3. I’ve seen Cloudflare error pages often enough to suggest that nobody use their crappy offerings. I don’t want to see any page of theirs, that tells me to enable JavaScript in order to access this page from my browser, with an advertisement link to their (Cloudflare’s) web site at the bottom, instead of a link to a complaint form about their apparent incompetence to handle legitimate users’s access attempts properly. And if a server is down, so be it. In that case, I don’t need Cloudflare to tell me it is.

  4. In case you’re not aware, the following sites use Cloudflare

    Hacker News
    Digital Ocean

    All of these sites have major traffic

  5. Is there an alternative to Cloudflare? Most of what I’ve heard about them is their willingness to host booter sites and similar. I don’t think I want to be mixed in that crowd.

  6. For a blog, you really can’t beat the free offering from Cloudflare

    If this was a highly trafficked, revenue generating site, my answer might be different.

    But for a blog like this, you’ll get increased performance through their free CDN, and DDOS prevention

  7. Justin

    Since it appears you are hosting this website off your home ISP (TimeWarnerCable), it’s probably prudent of you to use a service like Cloudflare or Ipcapsula to prevent DDOS attacks against your home internet.

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