There's some opinions mixed in this week!  
I linked to a story about Xenix, which might be a step too far.  
Dragged right out of my RSS feeds.
Accidental theme of video links, which I would not have expected for a BSD summary.
It was an abnormally quiet week - probably because of the Christmas holiday, or maybe because I cleared my BSD link backlog last week.
I managed to miss the Thursday update to BSDNow (#329) - Michael W. Lucas is interviewed mostly about his unnatural love of gelato BSD books , and he's always an entertaining talker.  
Some commercial stuff this week, even.
All over the map this week.
Last minute, again.
Watch for post-BSDCan slides and material and ideas to show up in the next few weeks.  
I'm still not making through all the stuff I need to link to, but this is enough to keep you busy for today.
Straight open tab dump, again! A late update: BSDCan 2019 registration, plus an update.
Built entirely from open tabs.
This is all backlogged links; I have even more tabs open.  

Inadvertent theme: release news.

Still lots of BSD stuff happening.
Still playing catchup with links.  
Lots of NetBSD links this week relative to usual. Update: how did I miss this?  PkgSrcCon 2018 is happening now in Berlin, and there's a livestream.  (via)
BSDNow 249 is covering a really wide range of topics including an uncommon amount of NetBSD, so I'm going to do the easy thing and repeat the summary: "OpenZFS and DTrace updates in NetBSD, NetBSD network security stack audit, Performance of MySQL on ZFS, OpenSMTP results from p2k18, legacy Windows backup to FreeNAS, ZFS block size importance, and NetBSD as router on a stick."
Totally last-minute summary, but I'm hitting every BSD category.