6 Replies to “BSDNow 180: Illuminating the Desktop”

  1. How is the current status of TrueOS with SecureBoot on recent laptop (2016) ? Don’t want to use that Win10crap :(

  2. Anonymous – I haven’t looked at BSDploy before, but it’s a good idea. Containers are in some ways just a reimplementation of jails made lightweight, so containerizing jails makes sense.

    Slade – I don’t know of any easy way to tell, cause I don’t think (though I am not sure) the TrueOS install CD can be booted as a live image. You may have to install to see the state of full support. However, since TrueOS is based on FreeBSD 11, and I think FreeBSD 11 has SecureBoot/UEFI support, it seems like it should work.

  3. Apparently, TrueOS is “Based on FreeBSD-CURRENT.” Which ATM is 12.0.
    Just try the live boot and report back, cheers

  4. 12 Current with the graphics work (Matt Macy et al). If SecureBoot works in out of the box 12-Current, it should work on TrueOS. There are ISO for DVD and img files for USB so you can make bootable media, it has a Live mode you could try.

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