If you want to see all running threads on your system, grouped by process, with who ran it and how much memory it's taking, it's easy: ps -alxRH. I mention this because it's easier to remember 'alxRH' than it is to find all the right options in the ps man page.
I get indirectly cranky, this week.
All over the map this week.
This week's BSD Now talks about using a Mumble server on OpenBSD, along with a nice range of other topics.
There's now a read-only sysctl 'jail.jailed' that can be checked to see if the current environment is running within a jail; useful for scripts that should not run in that environment, etc.  I link to it mostly because it's an odd sort of meta-signifier of reality, like being awake or in a waking dream, and that entertains me.
Aaron LI's fixed a bug in rconfig tag names.  This is minor, but I think rconfig(8) is a very powerful and underappreciated utility, so I point it out whenever possible.
Accidental theme: heavy metal. Your unrelated music link of the week: Grando by OHMYGOD.
And overflow continues!  I am secretly pleased.
BSD Now 307 accomplishes another trifecta week, mentioning Free, Net, and Open, and also mentioning that vBSDCon's call for papers closes tomorrow - I'm mentioning it now cause it'll be too late to mention for In Other BSDs this weekend.
If you are running an em(4) or igb(4) device in DragonFly, Sepherosa Ziehau has updated the drivers.  This brings it to Intel driver versions em-7.7.4 and igb-2.5.6.
Hopefully I am not too late posting this: SEMIBUG meets tonight, and the presentation is Eddie Thieda, talking about OpenBSD on the desktop.
DragonFly's tcp keepalive was changed from milliseconds to seconds.  This happened in both DragonFly-current and in the 5.6 release, and it changes the networking API, which means a dports rebuild is needed... or a pkg upgrade, for which happily all packages have been rebuilt.  So, on your next update of the system, be sure to update packages too.
Who can recommend a dynamic DNS service?  (I'd like to know from direct experience, not Googling.)  I've been using Dyn for years, but they've been unintelligibly merged into the Oracle behemoth, and I need to change.
Done early, for once!  I managed to complete this by Thursday night.
This could be an In Other BSDs item, but it's worth highlighting: saugns is a "Scriptable AUdio GeNeration System"; a utility for generating sounds - specifically FM modulation, in a way that will make you think "synthesizers!"  There's a whole language behind it, and the program, as the author, Joel K Pettersson, points out, compiles with no trouble on every BSD.