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  1. > Seems like a lot is left to complete in H2 but … super happy to see it as default
    > http://bxr.su/DragonFly/sys/vfs/hammer2/DESIGN

    In Brazil, we have a saying that is: é melhor “feito” do que “perfeito”. Means that, sometimes it’s better to have a good enough usable solution than a perfect one.

    You can see this pattern on any relevant company/device made by day: Unix was a mess and people tend to infrate stories like the “/usr split” with some fairy tales, plan9 was the “perfect” solution that never came. The first versions of iPhone were garbage and a lot of “pyrotechnics” were done during its presentation to sell it as a perfect solution when it was a real mess. Google at the start was a pretty amateur company, with pure chaos and distributing data using tapes to it’s customers(Yahoo was one of them…).

    Guess now it’s time for HAMMER2 to be a “feito or better” solution :)

  2. @nwildner: That is a good saying and a lot of truth in it.
    As for HAMMER2, if it has what you need, then it’s perfect for you :)
    One could also say that “Google is still an amateur company…..”

  3. You know when a system installs with HAMMER2? Because we already knew about H2 being the default…

    I also offer a good open-source software solution to a commercial one, and traffic on my site is almost non-existent…

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