First time dbus reminder

I’ve mentioned dbus and DragonFly a few times; here’s one of those “you will eventually do this” tidbits: if for some reason you are installing it for the first time, remember to start it with the rc script.

Chromium and dbus, separated

This is a minor thing, but I bet someone will find it useful: Chromium in dports has been patched to remove the forced dependency on dbus, which will be useful to anyone using DragonFly and a ‘lighter’ window manager.  You still need to specify this preference in your make.conf to have it happen.

Hal, dbus, and VMWare tip. Also pkg locking

Warren Postma found that hal and dbus caused a crash in VMWare for DragonFly.  The answer is to use moused, not dbus. Also, if you want to keep a custom or just older package from dports on your system, as karu.pruun did, ‘pkg lock’ is the answer.

KDE starting tip

If you are starting KDE on DragonFly, you’ll want to be sure dbus is started too.  Mentioning it juuuuuust in case…

More usb and network updates

Sepherosa Ziehau, an already-prolific committer, has now committed a large quantity of updates: a sync of USB support from FreeBSD, along with the ural(4) (wireless CardBus) and rum(4) (wireless 802.11 over USB) drivers originally from OpenBSD.

Card testing

Joerg Sonnenberger is looking for anyone with either PCCARD or CARDBUS hardware, for testing of this patch and this patch. He noted, “After applying both patches remove bus/pccard and link bus/pcmcia to bus/pccard.”