In Other BSDs for 2019/07/13

Done early, for once!  I managed to complete this by Thursday night.

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  1. I’m disappointed in how FreeBSD is currently doing with basic Xorg usability. Hopefully, it will (re-)improve in future versions.

    With DragonFly, OpenBSD, and NetBSD, it’s trivial to get X running (with or without fancy acceleration) on my laptops (most of them rather old). This has been the case across versions. FreeBSD 11.2 also worked, but after that…

    FreeBSD 12.0, and now 11.3, all require troubleshooting configurations in order to get screens recognized and Xorg starting at all, if you’re unfortunate (as I am with various laptops). Googling reveals quite a number of threads with people asking for help with X on FreeBSD. Personally, I won’t bother trying to troubleshoot it any further – I’ll just stick to the other 3 BSDs for “desktop”-style use and hope that future FreeBSD gets a usability improvement in this area.

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