Updating to the most recent dports binaries has some extra steps.
If you have a bulk build of packages happening with dsynth(1), you can now add - literally, that's the command - to the package list without interrupting the build.
If you're moving your dsynth build to a different machine, there's now a 'list-system' directive that lets you recreate the same setup in a new place.
I mentioned a new committer for DragonFly, Sergey Zigachev, recently.  He hasn't shown in the commit logs for DragonFly directly - cause he's fixing up dports.  I'm mentioning that because the amount of work that goes into dports to keep all those ports working on DragonFly is separate and unseen - but necessary.
There's a new dports build, and there's been some updates so a new point release to 6.2.2 for DragonFly is a good idea.  The new binary packages are available now with 'pkg upgrade', and I'll work on 6.2.2 over the next few days.
There's a new build of binary packages for DragonFly, based off the 2021Q4 quarterly ports release.  This will require an upgrade of most if not all packages cause of a switch from LibreSSL to OpenSSL as the default SSL library.
6.0.1 is tagged and available.  The major reason for this update is an expired Let's Encrypt certificate that would cause problems when downloading dpkg binaries.   A list of 6.0.1 commits is available. I recommend the usual rebuild process mentioned on the 6.0 release notes:
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld
make upgrade
Don't forget to update your packages with 'pkg upgrade'.
If you have encountered that problem with Let's Encrypt and dports, the fix is committed and a make world is needed.
You may get some errors because of an expiring base Let's Encrypt certificate when using pkg.  It's being worked on.
The recent tmux package update reminds me to mention 'pkg lock'.  When you update packages, pkg will update everything.  If there's a package you don't want changed, the pkg lock(8) command will keep it at the current version.  There can be some other packages held back because of dependencies, but that's OK.  Don't forget to pkg unlock when no longer needed...
If you want to update to the now fixed tmux port, you'll want to add a -f to the pkg command to force it; the version number hasn't changed.
I think from this commit that qemu in dports is able to build NVMM-compatible.  It won't be in the current binaries for download because those are built from quarterlies, but work from source. I am not sure those sentences I just typed would be comprehensible to a non-BSD user.