This week's BSD Now talks about a number of NetBSD things including rc.d as you might guess, and covers Project Trident.  Listen/read in if you are unfamiliar.
Thanks to tuxillo and others, there's a new build of dports on the way for DragonFly 5.4 that includes packages that weren't building before - mongodb, kodi, mysql80, and I imagine more that I don't know about.  If the synth build is still running when you read this, you can look at its status page.  If it isn't running, the packages are of course in the normal place and you can use 'pkg upgrade' to get them.
Yay, got to use the roguelike tag!
Built entirely from open tabs.
The system call brk() in DragonFly has been replaced with sbrk().  It won't affect you from an end-user perspective other than making sure you upgrade everything on the next release - but it is a system call change, so I'm noting it.
Tobias Florek had a soft model made of Fred, the DragonFly mascot, years ago.  He is moving and found a few unsold units.  If you are in Europe (for shipping), and are interested in them, contact Tobias at If you don't remember them: here's the pictures.
SemiBUG's normal meeting place is not available this month, so there's an informal get-together at Leo's next door, like last month.  It's happening tonight at 7 PM. Update: I put the wrong publish date on this - "tonight" is the 19th for this, not the 17th.
There's some extended reading in these links; I hope you have some time on your hands for a deep dive today. Your unrelated video of the week: DOCTOR WHAT.  (via)
This is all backlogged links; I have even more tabs open.  
Some time back, Ján Su?an fixed up some firmware issues on DragonFly.   He's published a first stab at attaching firmware information to files; it's up for review now and he'd like feedback.  Please tell him what you think, if you're interested in this topic.

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