There will be pizza pie, and Raspberry Pi, for installing BSD, at the next KnoxBUG meeting, tomorrow, for those near Tennessee. Note that it was originally scheduled for Tuesday and had to be moved up a night because of a conflict - so your schedule has changed even if you were already planning to go.
Not as many reading links as usual this week, but lots of BSD news yesterday.  It ebbs and it flows. Your unrelated comic of the week: "Your comment here".  Also "presentation".
Done all at the last minute.
Apparently there's a quirk to the way Ricoh cameras format memory cards that made them unreadable on DragonFly.  They're readable now.   I link this not because I think it affects many people, but because it's such a strangely specific problem.
This week's BSDNow episode is all over the map this week, talking about Unix philosophy (that's where the silence part comes in), tmux, and even Minecraft.
The question of using vkernels(7) in a manner similar to jails pops up time and again, and the answer is, unsurprisingly, "it depends".  It looks like when you want to isolate greedy programs, vkernels are the way to go.
Thinkpieces, this week. Your tea link of the week: Scary photo of an Indian tea plantation  
Accidental theme this week: books.
BSDNow's episode of the week has a number of Raspberry Pi-specific items, plus a discussion of iocage which I was not familiar with.
I had a spurious carriage return in the RSS feed output that some I think xerxes based RSS readers like spaRSS didn't like.  It's fixed now - can someone else running spaRSS confirm in a comment?   Or just confirm that you aren't getting RSS errors now if you were for the last few days.
SemiBUG has a meeting tomorrow, and Craig Maloney will be talking about Ansible.   Patrick McEvoy may be streaming the proceeds, too.  Are you near Detroit?  Then go!
"Old consumer computers" is this week's accidental theme. Your unrelated video of the week: Turbo Encabulator.  There's more like that out there, like the Rockwell Retro Encabulator.  
This turned into a BSD User Group event list, which makes me happy.  There was nothing like that 3 or 5 or whatever years ago.  
The ncv(4), nsp(4), and stg(4) drivers are now removed from DragonFly.  So is the portal file system.   Also, though not a removal, vm.swapcache.use_chflags now defaults to 0.  Does this affect you?  Almost certainly not!  I feel compelled to point it out, though, just in case there's that one person who didn't want a surprise.
This week's BSDNow has extended notes about FreeBSD and lld, the LLVM linker, plus notes on the NetBSD scheduler, OpenBSD changes, and so on.  It's very ecumenical.
The i915 driver has been updated to match Linux 4.6 - this is of most benefit to the owners of newest hardware, but the commit message lists what has changed, for owners of Haswell series GPUs and later.