2 Replies to “BSDNow 178: Enjoy the Silence”

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    I could not help bu notice that at one point in the video (approx. fifteen min. and thirty five seconds) one of you says (paraphrase) that if ix Systems (the sponsor) knows that you (the customer) heard about them through “BSD Now” that you must therefore be ‘smarter than the average bear’.
    Just because you are able to do what you do does not mean that you are smart and to verbalize such a sentiment betrays a lack of ‘smartness’. To say such a thing is boorish .
    At any rate, after that remark I decided that I would acquire the knowledge I need from somewhere else but I did want to communicate my feelings.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

  2. Jeff, BSDNow is a separate site that I just happen to link to. Leaving a comment here doesn’t go to the people in the video, so they will not see your feedback unless you comment on their site or send them email.

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