I'm working in my limited spare time to change the site to enable more frequent, smaller posts - which means the layout is going to get fiddled with too.  It won't all finish in one night; please be patient with me. (yes, I'd like to do another personal memepool.)
I've been looking for a way to make the posting process quicker for the Digest.  My existing process has been to collect open tabs and categorize emails, then go through them later, turning them into links and source links.  I'd like to be able to post them as I read them - a link per post, even.  The closest tools I've found for this are Press This! / Press This Extended, but both appear to be abandoned and no longer compatible.  Suggestions welcomed.
I'm on at SEMIBUG's meeting right now. I hope to have a recording to post later.  Nnnnope!  A lesson for you and me both; test recording before an actual event starts.
If you enjoy reading my posts, whether the DragonFly-specific material during the week or the weekend rollups, I have a Patreon account where you can effectively tip me. I'm not trying to turn this into real income, so I haven't been plugging it - but a number of people have been contributing and I really appreciate it.  I have my own reoccurring Patreon pledges, and this is a good time to point you at Linda Medley (cause I have a number of her books), ABBADON (for Kill Six Billion Demons), and Cooking Issues (cause their podcast is fun).  None of that is BSD or even computer related.
I thought I had done this before, but apparently not: the site is switched to https by default.  Tell me if you notice problems from that.
I've added Webmentions on the Digest.  If you don't know what that is, let me save you the Google search.  It's a method to connect discussion between blogs, similar to having a conversation on Twitter or whatever, except you aren't storing your words away on someone else's platform. The option to add your Webmention URL is at the end of each post; if you have your own blog and want to comment, this is the time to install Webmentions and use it!
I did a rough count - 360 posts on the Digest for 2019.  I haven't been tracking per-year averages, but that's good - I'm a daily digest, even without meaning to be!
I didn't get them put together early, and I won't have time - sorry!  It's the first time I've missed it in a long time.
Thanks to Erik Blomberg and the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, I now know the Digest has reached a whole new operating system: CP/M.  This entertains me. (It's the Digest being browsed in text mode on a TeleVideo TS-803, if you can't see the screen well enough.)
If you have been enjoying the Digest for many years, and you'd like to buy me a nice sandwich, you most certainly can.

It's been a quiet week and I've finally caught up on my backlog of things to post, so I'll take this moment to say: thank you, for reading. Especially, thank you to the Patreon supporters who have thrown in a few dollars; it's actually paid forward to others I support on Patreon and bought me a nice coffee drink.

If you enjoy the Digest and want to get me to my goal of a free sandwich, I have a Patreon account. Merry Christmas/happy holidays! Normal article posting resumes tomorrow, of course.

I have stuff to post, but moving DragonFly to 5.4, php to 7.2, postgres to 9.5, Wordpress to 5.0, etc.  Regular Digest transmissions should resume tomorrow.

I realized I've been working on the Digest for almost a decade and a half now, and I have readers outside of just DragonFly.  I've always been grateful for the attention people pay to my aggressive trips down the rabbit hole. I'm also always hungry.  Hungry for more information, sure, but also for a sandwich.  If you want to send me a link, that's great, but until now you couldn't really send me a sandwich.  I've set up a Patreon page, so now you can.
This is way overdue: I'm now posting Digest notes to bsd.network/@dragonflydigest, a BSD-specific Mastodon server. It's bothered me for a while that I'm autoposting Digest headlines to Twitter, which is useful for Twitter users but still supporting a walled garden.  Mastodon is a better implementation of a similar idea, and bsd.network nicely groups all sorts of BSD people in one place.  Right now I'm just posting the Digest headlines here into the Mastodon account there, but there's added value from the additional BSD-specific conversation around it. I haven't (yet) found a way to translate the local timeline on bsd.network into a RSS feed, which would be super-handy...
dragonflydigest.com is changing providers today, so the site may go missing for a while as DNS updates, and as I scramble my config.
A minor bit of housekeeping: the archives page has been fixed up to correctly list all categories, and list posts grouped by month.  So if you want to see what I posted under the roguelike category, or see what I posted in February 2011, you can.  Post counts provided, too.
I had a spurious carriage return in the RSS feed output that some I think xerxes based RSS readers like spaRSS didn't like.  It's fixed now - can someone else running spaRSS confirm in a comment?   Or just confirm that you aren't getting RSS errors now if you were for the last few days.
I've gradually been leaning towards two opinions: 1: Having the Digest load as fast as possible is a benefit for everyone, and 2: I want to get off the PHP/Wordpress vulnerability merry-go-round. Does anyone have specific experience with static site generators?  Ideally there's something out there as polished/unfiddly as Wordpress, but I don't know what.  The Digest started using the Movable Type product, and I'm tempted to return. Update: People have been recommending Hugo, Pelican, and Jekyll.  It looks like comments would end up going into Disqus, which is an external not-under-my-control application.  There are other plugins for comments, but none of them as straightforward.  What are people's thoughts on using an outside service?