Significant memory handling changes in DragonFly

If you are on DragonFly -master, now is a good time to update.  Matthew Dillon has been changing how DragonFly handles locking and memory use, with differences in the vmstat structure and page coloring, some memory settings, and many other locking changes.  I am only linking to a few examples.  If you don’t want to dig through those links for performance numbers, he summarized his changes and their effects in a post to users@.

3 Replies to “Significant memory handling changes in DragonFly”

  1. So did DragonFly not support NUMA until recently?

    Said another way, DragonFly didn’t support multi socket servers until recently?

  2. There wasn’t NUMA-specific work until recently. I don’t know how that equates to not supporting multiple processors.

    If you want to ask questions about NUMA implementation, you’ll get a lot farther asking the people doing the commits. (#dragonflybsd on EFNet)

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