Tennessee area BSD user group KnoxBUG is meeting tomorrow, and Warren Block will be the guest speaker.  He'll be talking about documentation.  Going by the linked announcement, there will be both prizes and blame, so something for everyone!
It's a Cyber Monday deal, so I can't wait until the normal weekend roundup: BSD Magazine is offering their Devops with Chef on FreeBSD course for 30% off today only.
A lot of this I picked up in previous weeks, knowing that the U.S Thanksgiving holiday was going to either dry up all links or give me a crapload. Your unrelated link of the week: The Secret World of Stuff.  (via)
I use italics a lot this week.
DragonFly has had binutils 2.24 and 2.25 both available for some time.  2.24 has been taken out and replaced by binutils 2.27, thanks to Rimvydas Jasinskas. The 2.25 version was and still is installed by default.  If you want to try out 2.27 instead, WORLD_BINUTILSVER=binutils227 is what you need.  I didn't test that, of course.  The binutils changelog will tell you what's different in 2.27.
Even the U.S. holiday doesn't stop the regular posting of BSDNow episodes.  #169 is up now.  I like the Let's Encrypt vs. the FreeBSD cluster story, cause that's an interesting and intricate problem.
UEFI, which I casually sum up as the replacement for BIOS, has been seeing some support in DragonFly, but not within the installer.  Matthew Dillon and Sascha Wildner has ported over FreeBSD's EFI ABI support, which I think means support for various EFI applications and features.  I haven't booted a machine using UEFI in any significant way, so I don't have a good explanation - but I am sure this is useful for people with new hardware. Update: some explanation plus a note that it's experimental and you could brick your machine.
It took me three edits of this post to spell "Salvador" correctly. Your unrelated food link of the week: Salvador Dali wrote a cookbook.  (It's getting reprinted.)
A much more well-rounded crop of BSD links this week.  
This week's BSDNow episode is almost all FreeBSD, all the time.  No interview subject this week.  I'm going by the written summary because the video is showing as private...  but maybe I'm catching it just before posting?
There's a new version of re(4), the driver for Realtek network cards.  Sepherosa Ziehau put it together for testing.  He has it on a separate branch, so give it a try if you have appropriate hardware.  This will hopefully fix some of that hardware's quirkiness.
SemiBUG is meeting tomorrow; Joe Gidi will present on managing Android devices with BSD.  My assumption is that it will be at Altair Engineering, in Troy, MI, again. The January meeting will be Michael W. Lucas talking about Ansible.  (Dunno if there's a December meeting planned.)
Some of this is overflow from last week.  
Started out with a short list, but I managed to find some extra links by Friday.
Imre Vadasz is working on full-offload scan support for wlan, imported from FreeBSD.  That doesn't change much from a user point of view, other that (I assume) reducing load and power usage a tiny amount.  I'm reinforcing something most people don't think about: there's tiny computers inside your computer with their own firmware and processors, that you don't directly control.