Lazy Reading for 2014/08/31

A relatively trim list for the holiday weekend.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: “Horse.”  One of my favorite single panels of all time.

In Other BSDs for 2014/08/30

I went from 1 link to lots all in one night.

BSDNow 052: Reverse Takeover

It’s not about taxes, but reverse SSH tunnels.  Episode 052 is also an interview with Shawn Webb about ASLR in FreeBSD, along with the normal commentary and news.

They also catch BIND’s removal in FreeBSD and OpenBSD, but not in DragonFly, which I just realized I should have linked before.

New kernel and new target

You should perform a full world and kernel install if on master.

Several people (including me) have been getting bit by a problem: when performing an installworld with a changed kernel, the vn kernel module is loaded, but it was built by the previous kernel and may cause problems when it doesn’t match up.

To fix that, vn is now built in, instead of being a separate module.  The rescue initrd (which is what is being mounted when it has this problem) is now installed via a ‘make rescue‘ command that can wait until a successful installworld and reboot.

Lazy Reading for 2014/08/24

I hope you like your links eclectic!

Your unrelated comics link of the week: John Pound, one of the original Garbage Pail Kids artists, nowadays creates his art by coding it – mostly by writing out Postscript.  He doesn’t draw sketchbooks – he generates them.  (via)

In Other BSDs for 2014/08/23

Another long list.  These are making my Friday nights take some extra effort.

pkg upgrade tip for pkg 1.3

DragonFly’s using pkg 1.3, at least on master, and I’ve seen a few people report an error message when performing ‘pkg upgrade’.   The error message usually includes something like:

pkg: need to re-create repo Avalon to upgrade schema vers

If you get this, do ‘pkg update -f’ and it will complete.

Lazy Reading for 2014/08/17

For once, a shorter week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Wrenchies.  I like Farel Dalrymple’s style.

Bonus unrelated: New Cyriak video!

In Other BSDs for 2014/08/16

A calm week, for once.