A relatively trim list for the holiday weekend. Your unrelated comics link of the week: "Horse."  One of my favorite single panels of all time.
I went from 1 link to lots all in one night.
It seems pkg 1.3.6 was slightly scrambled.  If you happen to have built and installed it, John Marino has special instructions on how to update to 1.3.7.  If you are on DragonFly 3.8, you can follow those instructions now, and if you are on 3.9, that repo should be ready for an update in the next few days.
BSDTalk 244 is 28 minutes of conversation with Ken Moore about Lumina, the new BSD-specific desktop environment for PC-BSD.  I've been watching the PC-BSD source updates, and there's a lot of activity.
It's not about taxes, but reverse SSH tunnels.  Episode 052 is also an interview with Shawn Webb about ASLR in FreeBSD, along with the normal commentary and news. They also catch BIND's removal in FreeBSD and OpenBSD, but not in DragonFly, which I just realized I should have linked before.
I ended up with this server rebooting as we were affected by Time Warner's giant outage.  In the process of rebooting, I found I must have done an upgrade and forgotten to reboot to make sure everything still worked, as mod_php had disappeared and mysql decided it didn't want to work.  Things appear to be OK now...
You should perform a full world and kernel install if on master. Several people (including me) have been getting bit by a problem: when performing an installworld with a changed kernel, the vn kernel module is loaded, but it was built by the previous kernel and may cause problems when it doesn't match up. To fix that, vn is now built in, instead of being a separate module.  The rescue initrd (which is what is being mounted when it has this problem) is now installed via a 'make rescue' command that can wait until a successful installworld and reboot.
I hope you like your links eclectic! Your unrelated comics link of the week: John Pound, one of the original Garbage Pail Kids artists, nowadays creates his art by coding it - mostly by writing out Postscript.  He doesn't draw sketchbooks - he generates them.  (via)
Another long list.  These are making my Friday nights take some extra effort.
If you remember the earlier work to support DragonFly on An Acer c720 Chromebook, it's been repeated for the c720p.  The "p" means it's a touchscreen.
DragonFly's using pkg 1.3, at least on master, and I've seen a few people report an error message when performing 'pkg upgrade'.   The error message usually includes something like:
pkg: need to re-create repo Avalon to upgrade schema vers
If you get this, do 'pkg update -f' and it will complete.
I didn't get the pun until I said the title out loud.  BSDNow 051 has an interview with Eric Le Blan of Xinuos, a webserver-building tutorial, and of course more material.
Here's a nice advantage for dports and DragonFly: since it's an overlay on FreeBSD ports, it's possible to move to newer or different versions of software without waiting for it to happen in FreeBSD.  For example: there's a newer version of the xorg intel driver now in dports - newer than what's in ports.
If you have a DragonFly system with an iwn wireless chipset, and you are having trouble connecting and running in the 5Ghz part of the spectrum only, here's a tip: the -ht switch may fix it.
For once, a shorter week. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Wrenchies.  I like Farel Dalrymple's style. Bonus unrelated: New Cyriak video!
A calm week, for once.  
It took me a little while, but DragonFly 3.8.2 images are uploaded now to the main site.  Check the 3.8.2 changelog if you didn't before.  This is a recommended upgrade for the newer OpenSSL, and should otherwise have little impact on the programs you have installed.
BSDNow has reached the milestone of 50 episodes, and this week's show has VPN setup as a tutorial, Robert Watson interviewed, and of course more discussion on most every flavor.