Lazy Reading for 2014/08/17

For once, a shorter week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Wrenchies.  I like Farel Dalrymple’s style.

Bonus unrelated: New Cyriak video!

2 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2014/08/17”

  1. Hi Justin

    Since it’s the 10 year anniversary of DF, would you mind writing a long post on the differences between DF & Free (pro & con) now 10 years after the split.

  2. @Travis

    DragonFly BSD was originally forked from FreeBSD 4.8 in June of 2003, by Matthew Dillon. The project is “the logical continuation of the FreeBSD 4.x series”, as quoted in Matthew Dillon’s announcement.

    From the history section of the wiki. This would be just over 11 years. Happy 11th anniversary?

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