A short but more interesting list this week, I think.   Your Not BSD link of the week: Never fix anything.
At the last minute, as usual. Lastly: nvi2, a multibyte folk of nvi, seen in multiple places.  This may be good for every BSD to adopt.  (every other BSD, I mean.)
BSDNow's episode this week focuses on the just-released Bitrig 1.0, and has an interview with Patrick Wildt of that project.  There's also coverage of other topics, including the new poudriere release - that's the tool that bulk builds packages for DragonFly and FreeBSD, though I don't know if it's unified across both operating systems yet.
I have been building up quite the variety this week.
This has been a very hectic week for me, but I still have links for you.
I went from 1 link to lots all in one night.