6 Replies to “DragonFly 3.8.2 images uploaded”

  1. yggdrasil says:

    The i386 link yields a 404

  2. Give it an hour or two to copy over. I updated the md5.txt file but forgot to copy the files in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was the server, maybe it was my USB drive, I don’t know, but I tried both the iso and the img with unetbootin and installed them on the USB drive, and when telling the server to boot off them, neither worked. Is there a better way? Am I doing something wrong? I was just trying to avoid burning a CD.

  4. I haven’t used unetbootin to create a USB installer. I just installed recently by pxebooting from an ISO image run in VMWare, which was surprisingly successful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you could provide any information on how you set up a PXE for DragonFly I’d personally find it very interesting.

  6. PXEbooting DragonFly:

    1: Boot (not install, just boot) a DragonFly install image from CD, from USB, or even a virtual machine
    2: Select the “Netboot Services” (I think it is) in the installer menu
    5: Turn on the machine you want to PXEboot and make sure it’s set to do that in BIOS.

    That’s it. The installer program is already configured to run DHCP with the correct options and provide the install files over NFS. It’s surprisingly straightforward.

    The one caveat I can think of is that you should turn off any existing DHCP servers on your network or change the Netboot Services range to match what you are already using – otherwise there’s a chance your PXEbooted machine will pick up an IP from the wrong range. I mention it because I did it.

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