In Other BSDs for 2018/06/23

Lots of announcements, lots of reading.  Note the first item listed is happening today.

2 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2018/06/23”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Re: HardenedBSD since it’s mentioned above.

    Linked above is an interesting comparison of all BSD security features.

    Looks like HardenedBSD might be more secure than OpenBSD.

  2. rjc says:

    I would like to point out that any such comparison, by its very nature, will be skewed in favour of whomever has produced it – otherwise, there is simply no point in doing such a thing and one might simply point the reader towards an unbiased comparison done by an independent 3rd-party.

    There are quite a few cherry-picked features from HardenedBSD, for which an exact equivalent might either not exist or a different solution is being used elsewhere. At the same time, other security enhancements and exploit mitigations have been omitted from said comparison –

    Just to be clear, I have nothing against HardenedBSD – I wish FreeBSD just adopted more (all?) of the enhancements, the former project has done.

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