In Other BSDs for 2022/03/19

You will notice some clustering of links; my list filled up fast.

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  1. On Rubenerd’s blog post, that’s EXACTLY what I did on my desktop! I installed a HDD with FreeBSD 13 on it and dual-boot it with the existing Fedora SSD using the BIOS boot selector. Didn’t see a need for using a boot manager since they’re both on separate drives anyway. Good to know I’m not the only crazy one doing this. :-p

  2. That’s strange – the RSS feed from Github served me the 0.6.0 tag as new and I didn’t think to sanity-check… I will do that from now on. I’ll adjust the link.

  3. I just noticed in the helloSystem 0.7.0 release notes that developer files – headers, documentation – are not included. Boo, hiss.

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