In Other BSDs for 2019/08/24

Incidentally, my employer, REDCOM, uses FreeBSD as a base for its main product, is deployed in rough areas and in high-security government locations, and is one of the few electronics manufacturers still working entirely in the U.S..  REDCOM also has jobs to fill in New York, where I work.  Please, apply if you see a job that interests you – and tell me.

2 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2019/08/24”

  1. OpenBSD locks the ports and packages to each release. If there was a security issue, you were supposed to patch and rebuild the affected ports by hand the same way you were supposed to with the base system.

    If you wanted something more current than the latest release, you’d update the whole system to one of the weekly snapshot builds and hope nothing broke that week, or use the packages from

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