8 Replies to “DRM from Linux to DragonFly to Haiku”

  1. Zackary says:

    I thought dragonfly removed the Linux capability layer.

    Though I tried googling for that and I couldn’t find any results on Linux capability being removed.

    I must be getting old but I could have sworn it was removed.

  2. It wasn’t converted to 64-bit.

  3. Pedro says:

    There are two different “compatibility” layers: one is a device portability layer, it started is life for FreeBSD’s fiberchannel native support. I think that was merged in some way to DragonFly and then forked for better graphics support.

    The other is known as the “linuxulator”, used to run linux binaries. Only FreeBSD has support for 64 bit linux binaries: most other BSDs have seen the 32bit support rot and OpenBSD went ahead and removed it.

  4. Zackary says:

    >> “It wasn’t converted to 64-bit.”

    I’m confused, I thought dragonfly was only 64bit.

    Does that imply 32bit-only functionality still exists in dragonfly?

  5. Unless the code was removed, it would still be there. Note that you are talking about the linuxulator, which isn’t supported… but the Haiku person is talking about DRM support, which Francois translated from looking at driver support in more recent Linux kernels. It’s two different things.

  6. Zackary says:

    Gotcha. Thanks

  7. Anon says:

    This put a smile on my face.

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