A little short this week to balance last week's mega-Lazy.
I have cleared out my backlog of general BSD stuff but am still a month behind on DragonFly news, which is the opposite of usual.
Michael W. Lucas is meeting one of his book sponsors tonight at the New Parthenon in Greektown - that's in Detroit - and issued a general call for a get-together.  If you attend SEMIBUG meetings, you're probably close enough, but you don't have to be an attendee to show up and have a good time.
DragonFly now has ministat(1), imported from FreeBSD thanks to Aaron LI.  Use it on the output from your next run of benchmarking tools.
See the page for details, and go if you are near.  I'm saying "coming up" because there's a big time zone difference between here and there.
It's bizarre links week this week.  Well, more than usual, I mean.
Nicely mixed topics this week.
I managed to find an ancient Wyse-185 terminal at my workplace today, left in the corner of the server room.  For entertainment purposes only, I booted DragonFly in VirtualBox and attached the physical terminal to the physical serial port on my Windows laptop docking station, mapped through to that virtual machine. [caption id="attachment_22786" align="alignnone" width="525"] Rather dirty WYSE-185 terminal displaying a DragonFly terminal prompt.[/caption] I have already discovered that the character output will often pause until the keyboard is used, which may be a settings issue.  Mash the keyboard enough and VirtualBox dies.  I'd use different emulation but Hyper-V doesn't support serial and Qemu I haven't figured out. It's entertaining, though I am not sure what I will do, other than maybe run GRDC once I figure out the reason for output pausing.
The aforementioned HAMMER2 fix is now in 5.4.  You can update using the normal make buildworld/make buildkernel process to get it in place.  I plan to roll a 5.4.2 release this weekend.
I hope you have some time on your hands today.  There are hours of reading and watching linked below. Your unrelated Kickstarter of the week: Lancer, an RPG.  
Straight open tab dump, again! A late update: BSDCan 2019 registration, plus an update.