It's been a quiet week and I've finally caught up on my backlog of things to post, so I'll take this moment to say: thank you, for reading. Especially, thank you to the Patreon supporters who have thrown in a few dollars; it's actually paid forward to others I support on Patreon and bought me a nice coffee drink.

(Not waiting for In Other BSDs for this) The semi-OpenBSD-themed podcast garbage has ended. Take some time now to catch up on back episodes since I can't imagine it'll be hosted forever - there's 40+ to listen to.

Sorta unofficial retro game theme this week.

Your unrelated audio link of the week: Centuries of Sound. The major sounds of a given year, starting in 1859. Yes, 1859. It's like time travel for your ears, with liner notes. (via)

There's some convention stuff scattered in here; we're heading towards the active season...

This week's BSD Now talks about OpenRSync (OpenRsync? Dunno the capitalization on that), convention news, and someone building a "Sun Workstation".

If you're looking to use disk encryption and HAMMER2, follow this short thread for some of the naming details.

One advantage of having a link 'backlog' is that I can pick and choose a bit, to present grouped items.

Overflow from the past two weeks. I'll have my email and tab backlog cleared next week.

This week's BSD Now discusses scp vulnerabilities, GhostBSD, and the recent EPYC hardware benchmarks that I have not linked because I don't think they are useful information.

If you'd like to set a particular sysctl(8), you enter it into /etc/sysctl.conf. A common mistake is to copy the command line and put "sysctl foo=bar" in sysctl.conf instead of "foo=bar". This used to cause a warning, but it still bit people, as it would cause a long stream of error messages during boot - with no clear reason, as the kernel tried to understand the command. Now, that typo is handled automatically.

Unofficial theme this week: me commenting on almost every link.

Literally the first 45 minutes of me picking from saved links is all it took for this week.

Your BSD smug linksfor the week: I saw these two posts in my RSS feed, one right after the other: "Get ready to patch your Linux systems with systemd, 3x new CVEs out there as of yesterday. These enable any user to escalate to root." and "Windows 10 Bsod on three different machines after updates. On was new out of box. Any ideas? "

I usually get all happy when I see sharing happen across BSDs, and note it here. Here's an unexpected one: between DragonFly and Haiku.

Unofficial theme: DOOM

I like when I can get Net, Free, and Open items all in the same week.