Sepherosa Ziehau's updated the em(4) driver for Intel network cards, with the 7.6.2 release directly from Intel.  For once, Intel news not related to CPU hardware bugs.
I'm already filling in next week's Lazy Reading links, there's so much.
Done last minute on Friday, mostly.  
This week's BSDNow has Spectre/Meltdown followups, plus a turning of the tables: questions for the interviewers.
Rimvydas Jasinskas created a loader.conf(5) hint that keeps various nata(4) devices from attaching during boot.  This is super useful if it's a device that screws up your boot process. and I think it's also great if you get irritated having something in your dmesg every time about the device you never use, like a CDROM.
DragonFly now has support for the Adaptec 1420.   "Now" means since last month, cause I am working through my link backlog.
The ls(1) command has a lot of options (Look at the man page synopsis!).  So much so, that the most recent option added in DragonFly is "_".  That's to show nanotime as part of the -l output.  This will be most useful when you have multiple files being created within the same second of time, and you want to see which came first.
Almost all of this was done within 24 hours of the last Lazy Reading.  No idea why there were so many good candidates for reading, but I'm happy about it.
Done well ahead of time.  
I'm still catching up with the pre-2018, pre-Meltdown commits, so here's one: Changing the staged packet count in DragonFly changes forwarding rate, for the better - up to a point.  There's probably some specific ratio in the change that makes sense, though I don't know it.
The Meltdown/Spectre talk continues on BSDNow 229, along with an interview of @newnix, GhostBSD, and other recent news.
The commands rcp(1), rlogin(1), rlogind(1), rsh(1) and rshd(1) have been removed from DragonFly.  There's a net/bsdrcmds port if you still need them...  though I imagine/hope ssh is filling the void for everyone.
I say "one more" like I know when this saga will end.  If you are using the devcpu-data port to update your processors, you'll need to add
to your /etc/rc.conf, as Sepherosa Ziehau points out.
This is almost all link overflow from last week - and next week's edition is almost complete.  There's a lot to read lately!
A full slate of BSDs this week.
The regular maintenance scripts for HAMMER1 assume that it's mounted at the time of cleanup.  If you have them unmounted, they won't go through that regular maintenance, but it's easy enough to fix.