In Other BSDs for 2015/08/22

Some catchup here from stuff I missed last week:

In Other BSDs for 2015/07/25

A lot of variety this week.

In Other BSDs for 2015/07/18

I seem to have In Other BSDs exactly 1 day off from the OPNsense release schedule, so far.


In Other BSDs for 2015/07/04

Insert fireworks graphic here.

In Other BSDs for 2015/06/27

More and more BSDCan videos keep showing up.  (See the bottoms of individual speaker pages on the BSDCan site.)  Here’s the PC-BSD summary.

In Other BSDs for 2015/06/06

A more compact week.

In Other BSDs for 2015/05/23

A calmer week, probably because of the U.S. holiday.

In Other BSDs for 2015/05/16

This includes all the BSD material I didn’t have time to get posted last week.  I hope you have some time for reading today; there is a lot here.

In Other BSDs for 2015/05/02

I’ve already mentioned the Hammer2/OpenBSD Summer of Code project (one of several), but here’s more:

(No mailing list links this week; I’m way behind in my reading because of work.  Sorry!)

In Other BSDs for 2015/04/25

It’s been a relatively calm week, for once.



In Other BSDs for 2015/04/11

At the last minute, as usual.

Lastly: nvi2, a multibyte folk of nvi, seen in multiple places.  This may be good for every BSD to adopt.  (every other BSD, I mean.)

In Other BSDs for 2015/04/04

If you’re part of a BSD user group, please let me know your schedule.  I’m able to catch NYCBUG announcements cause I’m on their announce@ mailing list – but I could use more.

In Other BSDs for 2015/03/28

It’s been a quiet week in BSD-land, at least in terms of me finding links.

In Other BSDs for 2015/02/28

Well, this week just sort of took off for BSD links.

A late update: NYCBUG’s upcoming meetings and presentations, with the next one on March 4th, this week.  If you have a local BSD user group, I would like to know about it!

In Other BSDs for 2015/02/21

There’s some DragonFly material in here, though I normally confine that to the rest of the week.  It’s inextricable from the rest of the links.

In Other BSDs for 2015/02/14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your not-BSD BSD link of the week: Badass Space Dragon.

In Other BSDs for 2015/02/07

This week is relatively quiet.

In Other BSDs for 2015/01/31

I’m not sure how I ended up with so much BSD material this week, but hey, we all benefit!

Your extended read: scaling linux-based router hardware recommendations, from the NANOG operators list.  Follow the thread.  It’s theoretically about Linux, but people name BSD solutions all through it.  Hmm…