In Other BSDs for 2016/06/11

I’m hitting every type of BSD this week.


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  1. Hi I am a DFly newbie. Does it support to boot from the UEFI + GPT? Any url is welcome, thanks~

  2. Anonymous – one of the developers has been working on it, but I don’t think it works out of the box yet. If you are new to BSD in general, it may be more hassle than you want to deal with.

    If you computer has a ‘legacy’ BIOS mode, you can always turn that on. Booting from a DragonFly livecd is the easiest way to test for compatibility.

  3. I have been reading DFly docs for several days and found it is very interesting for hammer LWKT especially the network stack and so on. Now I want to install both FreeBSD(supports UEFI + GPT) and DFly(NOT support) on my bare machine with only one single disk.

    I haven’t found any useful url about this, but I will try it in the legacy bios mode, thank you.

  4. UEFI and GPT should work on a nightly build but not the release.

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