If you enjoy the weekend reading, or even the weekday posts, consider my Patreon.  It'd be nice if it bought me some good coffee. Your unrelated to anything at all image of the week: Saskatchewan!
I'll post reminders day-of for the BUG meetings.
This week's BSD Now is a little sad about FreeBSD 13/i386 going to a less-supported platform, but there's plenty of links to other stories.
If you're running on DragonFly master, make sure you are on the right version of bmake.  If you are on 5.8, it won't affect you.
Well, that's not exactly correct: you can mount more than one tmpfs, and you can mount multiples at the same spot, but I can't think of a reason to do so.  In fact, it could happen by accident, but there's a fix for that in DragonFly, thanks to Aaron LI.  Not a major problem, but mentioning it in case you saw it and were confused.
Today's date is slightly confusing.
There's a lot to catch up on!  
The menacing BSD Now for this week covers a bunch of stuff, not just post hoc arguments, but there's a special request: old retail BSD software.  If you have older commercial disks or images floating around, they want to know.
Another informal history theme, not uncommon. Your unrelated music link of the week: Best electronic music on Bandcamp, January 2021.
I have a link backlog, yay!
There's a few links in here that you could lose hours to.  Those are the best!  
Hardware-heavy this week, sorta.  
With a title like this, it seems you must listen to the newest BSD Now.  The title's talking about pf-badhost.  There's more covered in the episode.
I'm not sure if this is directly helpful, but a recent series of posts about running jitsi on DragonFly covers the different parts of setting it up.  There isn't a "this is the solved answer" post to point at; I'm linking to the start of the thread as it might be useful for someone.
Michael Dexter will be giving a talk for NYCBUG's February 3rd meeting (6:45 PM Eastern) titled "Fifteen Years and Fifteen Minutes: Applying Occam's Razor to FreeBSD with OccamBSD".   If you want to attend - and you should - email for the Zoom link; the address to email is in the linked message. (I managed to miss putting this in In Other BSDs Saturday, but that's OK; you should go cause this is a topic that isn't covered anywhere else.)