5 Replies to “One more building fix”

  1. wherever I permormed an upgrade, I am struggling with new XFCE. Menu and other things just crash, seems like there is some issue with libexo. Any fix to that?

  2. I haven’t heard any other reports, but I wouldn’t have. You will have to look at what changed between the packages when they were working for you and when they were not.

  3. Error appeared after upgrade from xfce4.14 to xfce4.16 – last set of upgrade. Looking through errors seems like more things are crashing – thunar xfdesktop, all due to libexo-2.so.0 missing.
    Pkg claim libexo is installed. I tried a clean install in VBox and clean install is ok. So seems like uninstall all xfce related packages and install them again may work

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