Happy Almost Fool's Easter Day!  I have to be at work in a few hours, at 3 AM, so this is all I was able to find in the time I have.
BSDNow 239 does not have an interview, but it does talk about using OpenBSD to prevent unwanted traffic out to the internet, plus a 'poetic license'.
I branched DragonFly 5.2 last night, and built a release candidate, which should be available at most any mirror by now.  If no surprises turn up, the release should be this weekend or a little after, because of the holiday.
Jim Keenan is speaking tomorrow at the NYC Perlmongers meeting about testing on non-Linux platforms.  i.e. BSD.  Go, if you are near.
Welcome the newest committer to DragonFly: Aaron LI!
Oddball links week.
This week's BSDNow includes an interview with Ryan Zezeski of Illumos, plus lots of other topics, including more on NomadBSD and Lumina.
BSDStats was in DragonFly as a default-to-disabled rc script.  It's been removed.  It's still available, and updatable, in the form of the dport.  The bsdstats.org website should have more info about what it does.  (though the site appears to be down right now)
If no surprises happen, the release candidate for DragonFly 5.2 will be built this weekend.
Late, odd-day post cause it wasn't up like normal on Thursday: BSDNow 237 has no interview but a number of recent news items, including details on the Pale Moon / OpenBSD port issues that I was not aware of until now.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In the U.S., we drink green beer and wear kilts, cause nobody's terribly sure what Irish means within an American context anymore. Your unrelated mollusk-related death metal of the week: Slugdge.
The first news item about pfSense is not necessarily new, but new to me.
This is a sort of nice non-report report, cause EFI booting just works fine, as you'd hope/expect.
Old games - but not too old, for this week's theme.  
It's a week for good quotes to pull from linked stories.