All the BSD activity for the week was absorbed by EuroBSDCon, I think.    
BSDNow 213 talks about the just-finished EuroBSDCon, and vBSDCon and other things.  The episode 213 web page links to Youtube videos of all the talks, so there's your evening schedule, filled.
If you are starting KDE on DragonFly, you'll want to be sure dbus is started too.  Mentioning it juuuuuust in case...
Thank goodness for overflow from last week, because I haven't had time to read.
BSDNow episode 212 is out and I'm going to link it especially because I've been at work instead of posting like normal.  Not surprisingly, it talks about the demise of Solaris and about vBSDCon and (links to videos from) BSDCan.
Brandon Werner, will be talking at the SEMIBUG meeting tomorrow night at 7 PM.  He programs for a living and is blind, so it should be interesting even just to see his preferred tools. (Mentioned previously for In Other BSDs but I want to make sure people catch this.)
I start a new job tomorrow!
Not sure why, but there's been a lot of BSD news the past few weeks.  I am OK with that. Late addition: NetBSD's New York build cluster will be offline beginning Monday for about two weeks, which means no daily NetBSD or pkgsrc builds.
BSDNow episode 211 is up - you can guess at least one of the topics, I'm sure.  There's also an interview of FreeBSD Foundation co-ops - which is neat, because I didn't realize the Foundation had co-ops.
I installed a DragonFly snapshot on a Lenovo x220 last night.  I went for a EFI install, even though the x220 has a "Legacy" option.  When I booted, it looked like this: It successfully booted, but once it hit the kernel load, it started printing to the top of the screen in that lovely repeating pattern you see. Matthew Dillon helpfully pointed out that the DRM and i915 modules needed to be loaded.  Hitting '9' during the bootloader countdown got me to a prompt where I could type:



Which brought me back to the boot menu, but this time it loaded those additional modules to support the Intel video chipset - and it worked! These lines can go in /boot/loader.conf for permanent use. Update: accelerated X will need a different setup - see my later post.
Already overflowed to next week.  
Sepherosa Ziehau has made some improvements to ipfw in DragonFly, moving it to per-CPU state tracking among other things.  (I haven't mentioned just ipfw in foreeeever.) His commit message describes the improvements.  Of most interest: it reduces the performance impact of running ipfw in his tests to almost nothing.  Does this translate to ipfw on other BSDs?  I don't know.