In Other BSDs for 2017/09/30

All the BSD activity for the week was absorbed by EuroBSDCon, I think.



Lazy Reading for 2017/09/24

Thinkpad theme, I guess.



In Other BSDs for 2017/09/23

Thank goodness for overflow from last week, because I haven’t had time to read.

Lazy Reading for 2017/09/17

I start a new job tomorrow!

In Other BSDs for 2017/09/16

Not sure why, but there’s been a lot of BSD news the past few weeks.  I am OK with that.

Late addition: NetBSD’s New York build cluster will be offline beginning Monday for about two weeks, which means no daily NetBSD or pkgsrc builds.

Booting, UEFI, and text consoles

I installed a DragonFly snapshot on a Lenovo x220 last night.  I went for a EFI install, even though the x220 has a “Legacy” option.  When I booted, it looked like this:

It successfully booted, but once it hit the kernel load, it started printing to the top of the screen in that lovely repeating pattern you see.

Matthew Dillon helpfully pointed out that the DRM and i915 modules needed to be loaded.  Hitting ‘9’ during the bootloader countdown got me to a prompt where I could type:





Which brought me back to the boot menu, but this time it loaded those additional modules to support the Intel video chipset – and it worked!

These lines can go in /boot/loader.conf for permanent use.

Update: accelerated X will need a different setup – see my later post.

Lazy Reading for 2017/09/10


In Other BSDs for 2017/09/09

Already overflowed to next week.


Kabylake NUC and DragonFly

Matthew Dillon’s been using a Kabylake NUC for a DragonFly workstation and it’s generally working out well.  It’s tiny enough to lose on a desk, in my opinion.  He added performance details and a screenshot.  The Specific Configs page has his notes, recorded, too.

Related laptop tip: If you have a Lenovo Yoga and can’t mount the drive after install, various sdhci modules may be the answer.  Update: definitely the answer.